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Uncover the true colors of aging and utilize them to market your products.

Our Services

We understand getting older as an opportunity, and your target groups perceive it the same. "A window looking into nature"

Consequently, we use methods which recognize aging in all its dimensions. We work with moderators who discuss at eye level. We apply sensible and innovative analysis techniques.

With the application of the appropriate techniques, we neither face limitations generating insights about the elderly, nor do we only talk age-related limitations.

Discover the different perspectives of aging with us.

Our Methods

Consideration 1

Yes, the elderly need to be addressed with specific methodological approaches.

Specialized methods for the elderly often focus the possible limitations of this target group: restrictions of sight, low knowledge in terms of online instruments, limited mobility, etc.

At PPP we are aware of possible limitations; yet we know they are less central when choosing goal-orientated methods.

In fact, the topic "AGING" itself is the crucial point that should determine the choice 

of methods.

Goal-oriented methods help respondents to overcome barriers to deal with the topic of aging, open the view and look behind the scene, without intimidating or stressing participants and thus sharpen the view on the topic.

Consideration 2

"The Elderly " are not a homogeneous group!

The market of "the Elderly" is as multifaceted as that of car drivers, tourists or internet users. There are many different sub-segments within this target group with very diverse needs.

"Now that I am getting older, I prefer to do things with more calm." (Man, 58)

"I am still very confident with myself. Some tell me that this is too much for me, but I cannot accept that."
(Woman, 70)

Product positioning should not try to address "the Elderly" as a whole. Ideally, it should focus on specific sub-groups.

First, lets get the sample definitions right.
Then: Let us look together into Developing Personas for the Elderly.

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