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Explorative space

A platform which we will utilize to examine the different dimensions of aging.

In this space, we will do so by exploring the context of health and wellness products, dietary supplements, medical devices and also therapy approaches.

  • What role does someone’s attitude play?

  • Is there a prophylaxis concept when it comes to “aging well”?

  • And what is considered aging well anyway?

  • What motivations and also hesitations are there when it comes to the utilization of medical remedies and aids?

  • How does “mindfulness” and serenity of mature age go together with making a shower chair purchase or taking the step to move into an assisted living facility for seniors?

  • What are new and exciting digital trends when it comes to aging, and how might AI help maintain or even improve quality of life during the aging process?

We are basing this exploration of mindful aging on our expertise in market research, on our personal perspectives of course, as well as on our curiosity.